the beauty of the wdstck collective‘s work lies in the exposing of a primitive philosophy through carefully constructed designs. provoking a simple aesthetic and even a perverse denial of modern consciousness, their work becomes an anti-materialist statement rooted in a naturalistically inspired ethos. their exhibition at sprmrkt didn’t disappoint; a capsule of like-minded artists exploring the ethereal in fashion and design.
the incorporation of the tribal-nomadic theme, especially kurt elshot’s one square meter leather bag reminds strongly of our search of identity and the existential baggage we carry. like sruli recht‘s design ethic, i’ve always enjoyed references to the pre-past and our understanding of the future. jennifer de jonge created a fabulous embracing fabric hanging event: yana that similarly looks at our issues of protection and safety; i must add that however these pieces may certainly fit into some decor-trend, i find it almost too banal to discuss such an aspirational materialistic topic in this regard. the idea underpinning this work is a powerful question of survival and comfort. regardless of their functionality or raw aesthetic these pieces are all passionately made and possess an intriguing charm short of a personality in themselves.
more than product and design this is story and author. similarly julie de ruijter’s frail feathered creations convey a tale of eternal transience with an alluring sense of mystery while maurits b├╝sse’s fertility ‘object’ leaves little room for interpretation and reinforces the power of phallic symbolism. i believe in the importance of a context where we are all grounded by nature, so whatever their design purpose or funcion, these pieces remain to me rather a reminder of our ancestry and existence and as such i prefer to admire them for their glowing beauty and powerful message.