curiosity is insubordination in its purest form

- vladimir nabokov

seeing jan fabre’s work always reminds me of how i felt when i saw ‘silence of the lambs’ for the first time; the grotesque trapped in moral ambiguity, nature. fabre uses his inherited naturalism to loosen some existential concepts and this time around, it is the brain that features as the divine presence; ‘ma nation l’imagination’ at the fondation marguerite et aimé maeght in saint-paul de vence. besides the disciplined luxuriance (one of my favourite new terms) of marble, gloss and gold, the cynicism of farbre is further illustrated by notebook like drawings which supposedly thread the sculptural narrative. as the title of the show suggests, fabre’s patriotism leans towards the imagination, but in my opinion it is more towards invention; where the difference between imagination and invention is like the difference between hearing and listening.