my fondness for chad wys‘ work has always been more of an idea than the work itself, the philosophical algorithm that he employs to provoke new perceptions of conventions and to challenge contexts. the development of his artistry includes a series called readymades, an ironic reference to the popularist perception, that is then re-made by wys. in a previous introduction to the artist, i mentioned his methodical subversion of known imagery, but what is interesting in this ongoing series is his treatment of decorative objects. although the altering of these are executed through a superficial layer of colour or texture, they invariably succeed in changing the entire personality of the object. a valid comment on the transformation of the generally familiarity these objects have into something foreign and unique. the blatant vandalism reminds me again of how simplistic our constructs of beauty is and the rebel in me tends to be awakened by wys’ approach. how singular beauty can be destroyed by it’s replication and devolve from admiration to apathetic acceptance, is a theme i’d long since been interested in. i believe the inaccessibility of ownership has something to do with that; the souvenirs of existing beauty can destroy the appreciation for originality. therefore destruction or counterpoint to sentimentalism is inevitable. historically conventionalism in beauty is ever present and amply visible, but i must consider the possibility that one may simply tire of it and then restlessly seek out to renew it. i believe chad wys’ work gives us that opportunity. not only to re-evaluate our sensibilities and sacred adoration for historical ideas of beauty, but the deeper thought provoking element that it instills may yet grow from an alteration into an invention.