you forced me to carry on my life without you.
it wasn’t a choice but i believed it was true.
your ship was sailing and i was bound to the shore,
i thought you’d stay, but i couldn’t have been more wrong.

now i’ll wave you goodbye as you leave our port,
and give myself some chance to heal and cohort.
but another grand image appears soon enough
with lovers aplenty and good for a laugh,

which kills the memory of hurt and despair,
and makes me believe that you’re never there.

yannis tsarouchis (1910-1989) was concerned with the relationships between modern and classical greek imagery, his war time experience obviously influenced the way he perceived military men in their more vulnerable states; near death or during shore leave. these are examples of an ambiguous admonition; the apparent revision of power in reference to his paintings is a clear reminder that ‘the uniform doth not maketh the man’ even though those sympathies may still remain.