be not forgetful to entertain strangers,

for thereby some have entertained angels unawares

it was a long battle; neither stronger than the other.
you made me let go of you; but not before you crippled me.

in the late afternoon light i can sense the darkness approaching; a still glaring warning of what lies ahead. steadily the plastic brightness of day recedes and wanes until at last the glimmer disappears; the approaching gloom, ever thickening to a dense blackness. not even your arrival can stop the night.

about the seduction of an angel
-bertolt brecht, 1948

angels can not be seduced at all or quickly.
pull him into the entryway,
stick your tongue in his mouth and reach

under his robe, til he gets wet; put
his face to the wall, lift his robe
and fuck him. if he stares in anguish
then hold him tightly and let him come two times;
otherwise, by the end, he’ll be in shock.

admonish him so he sways his butt;
let him know he’s free to grab your balls.
tell him he can fall without fear
while he is hanging between earth and heaven -

but don’t look him in the face while you are fucking him
and, for heaven’s sake, don’t crush his wings.’