i’d so like to see a debate with stephen fry and camille paglia but in the meantime…

the dutch have a culture of swearing in diseases which i find particularly healthy. mostly because if one needs to swear at someone, which invariably happens, it’s good to be non-discriminatory; fuck, shit and sickness happens to all of us and never have i seen a person without an asshole whether dirty or clean; the same obviously goes for cocks and cunts.

all these words of similarities in our everyday language, and our expression of frustration seem to pale against the offence taken from highlighting our differences. anything can be turned into a swearword if you put enough energy behind it, popularise it or simply have a victim.

it’s against these victims that i have it, they are the ones that perpetuate the hate-dom through their offence and feelings of exclusion.

just man up you dry-mother-toffee-wannabe-loser-pink-breath-fat-apple-diabetic-pill-baby;

the point is just that the offence is exactly which gives the power to expressions of intolerance. these are not things that are decreed by higher powers, this is a common practical decision one takes by yourself, whatever your denomination, political allegiance or nationality.

so claim your life, take ownership of all those things that may be said about your disability, size, race, gender or whatever since they’re probably true anyway,

and just go own yourself.