and then we were many.

the light of creation is an enduring fascination; ephemerally fragile it bears upon our senses, this ancient fire which since prometheus have begged our adoration’, the voice stopped… then continued,’and now we will pause for refreshments and drinks sponsored by the exhibitors. the performance will continue in fifteen minutes.’ calming instrumental music started as the crowd went from whisper to din.

she had a vicious upturned nose and a severe look which was only made more apprehensive by the angularity of her face and handbag which she constantly consulted for some cosmetic device. her husband and another man were engaged in serious conversation, her lips puckered every time she took an olive. the way she looked around excluded her even more from the conversation and as the two men adjusted their posture she was painted out completely. i suddenly had immense compassion for this creature; loneliness must be the greatest curse.

it is dark in the tunnel, i imagine the scattering of rats as i walk toward the light.

luca nichetto‘s luminous totems perfectly captured the duality of an individualist unity, the same perplexing component of our western society which makes us different and alone, each shining in their own diversity of colour, shape and texture. the metaphor being enhanced by the material, glass and light. that same fire co-joined and tamed into these enjoyable images. as part of the decode/recode exhibition it spoke to me in a very metaphysical way and the complement of the exhibit by ben gorham made it even more powerful; his gradual layering wheels of colour had a unity of diversity portrayed in a different way, together rather than separate, accentuating the too often overlooked element of influence.

the crowd files past the exhibit in irreverent nonchalance, it annoys me; i am overwhelmed by a sense of appreciation and a reluctance to return to the darkness of the tunnels.

the fragility and infinite variation showed in such a simple manner together with the seemingly contradictory display of kaleidoscopic togetherness made the nichetto x gorham exhibit for glassmaker salviati an illuminating highlight of the fair.