i never thought there could be a time that i would tire of porn and although it’s probably just a passing fase, i’ve found myself more and more drawn to academic figure studies from the better part of the nineteenth century and even older. certainly the detail in these drawings makes me reflect on the male physique in quite a different manner and it certainly holds my attention more than a photograph or video. besides being more captivating than most of my tumblr feeds, they show a sensitivity and an inventive range of repose; surely not the kind of thing that sends you immediately into throws of maniacal masturbation, but then it doesn’t leave you untouched either.
it’s also not really surprising that museums and galleries offering these type of works make for the most interesting cruising grounds; the 2013 musée d’orsay exhibit masculine / masculine. the nude man in art from 1800 to the present day for example would’ve totally crashed my grindr if i didn’t have that trained eye for a queer guy.
altogether these type of figure studies succeed in somewhat satisfying my voyeuristic tendencies but also alleviate the harshest pain of my porn fatigue.