to say that ernst coppejans is a portrait photographer, is a grand understatement. coppejans’s portraiture reveals a real human landscape saturated with escapist romanticism. in a steve mccurry-esque way the documentary aspect strengthens his work tremendously while combined with his sensitive aesthetic composition delivers an illuminated tale of near fictional quality.
the fact that ernst engages so strongly with his subject matter has a visible and lasting emphatic effect through his images; he always seems driven by an understanding and compassion as is also the case in his latest assignment in association with the marie-stella-maris foundation at a village in bangladesh.
although the work is contemporary with an obvious compelling agenda, coppejans succeeds in transcending this with images that evoke a timeless story; the story of a people and a place. his talent for implicit conjecture is what makes these haunting portraits come to life and inhabit the viewer so surreptitiously while carrying their message of concern; lucky for us ernst only uses these magical powers for good.