my interest in the way we perceive and interpret visual stimulus has always revolved around familiarity and the resulting connectivity that takes us along that hard wired path in our brains and in our hearts. if these paths are made through repetition only, we’re in for a creative dry-spell indeed, for just as it is known that we have such great means to communicate in our modern age, it is known that social isolation is more prevalent than anticipated… and along comes a spider; the repetition is a pattern that can easily become a web which confines us, aka world wide web or www dot for short. the stream of ideas and inspirations pinned for interest just tumblr-s down on us to be shared and distributed. we are all privileged to the same, the fantastical approximation of utopian intellectual equality. views and followers become the currency determining common values and even though we know the literary value of most best-sellers, this does not deter from the mindless-ness that it promotes, ditto for today’s visual assemblages.
the girl from where i see fashion formerly know as bianca luini from milan, has in a very simplified way, provided a way out by injecting meaning and relating a reference into fashion images; a sort of associative imagery that leads the viewer to consider alternative interpretations. this widens the visual landscape and removes us from the humourlessly literal visual environment which we have become so addicted to in the last decade. as each image gets repeated it gives birth to another in its image, whether refined altered or ‘inspired by’ it all becomes a derivative. only sometimes we witness an evolution in the way we are forced to look at things and for this i thank bianca for investing the time and sharing it. may we all search for that hidden connectivity between animal, mineral and vegetable, i believe seeing the counterpoint of a specific context is the root of understanding the obvious. what i probably enjoy most is the fact that many of her connections refer to the collective unconscious, the natural and the art historical perhaps i’m a bit harsh in my judgement but i find that we are fast approaching a time when true originality will reveal itself only by switching off the wi-fi and starting a fire with a stick.