on my last visit to london, i had the privilege of seeing pierre huyge’s show entitled: in.border.deep.
pierre huyge‘s brilliant installation at hauser and wirth makes him my chosen artist of 2014. his mastery of portraying the ecosystem of life is surreptitious, suggestive and sensational. even as an impatient smoker i couldn’t resist seeing the ‘human mask’ video twice; (ironically post fukushima’s nuclear accident and in the advent of the ebola outbreak) which to me figures as a nervous primal conversation between human and animal. having travelled as much as i have, you only need to be asked: ‘where are you from?’ so many times before the question starts taking on a deeper existential meaning. the commentary on nature and humanity made this exhibition right up my alley in the same way. his ability to alter gallery experience and his reverence for history and it’s illuminating narrative layers is obviously appealing to me but further to my own subjectivity on the matter; his treatment of monet’s giverny lilyponds was exquisite to say the least (this coming from someone that never misses an opportunity to see the nymphéas in the musée de l’orangerie). his aquariums, like the antique statue, reconstitutes a life beyond that which is visible.