for those unfamiliar with the term: it basically applies to anything that goes both ways. that should explain my interest in it at least. racecar can be read as the same backwards, was it a car or a cat i saw? etc etc. even numbers hold this mystic spell and for centuries civilisations across the globe have shared its intrigue.
but seriously once one investigates the age old fascination with it, the ultimate conclusion can only be the magic of sequences and the way they’re alternately perceived. michael eudy explores this everlasting event through his mirrored transitions. like a beginning and an end, everything has balance in it’s opposite. after reding hockney’s ‘the way i see it’ anything that alters the viewer’s perspective has held a certain interest to me. eudy’s near academical exercise brings the exciting concepts of duplicity and reflection to life and simultaneously evokes the ethereal antithesis built into positives and negatives of subjects and objects alike. although the still life forms the basis of this study, i am glad to see portraiture also humanising his philosophic endeavour. essentially eudy’s work on palindromes embodies the search for meaning in both the light and the dark, and that is what obviously appeals to me most.