francisco hurtz outlines the relationship between line, shape, form and figure with the male nude taking centre stage. i suppose it’s a case of drawing from what you know best. the multiple clone approach in his locker room series highlighted this figurative similarity of the male figure and passed some light commentary on groups of boys in confinement. the main feature of his work is the lack of faces, his impression of the lack of individuality extends to a metaphorical equalising theme; that we are all the same. the locker room series also clearly intimates with some frivolity, the merriness of more-ness where his other work have a more pensive quality and features less characters, until further still there is the solo subject. these are attractive renditions of postures which, although we are still focussed on the physical, convey a quieter contemplation of confinement. these are the works i am most drawn to. his expressions of isolation and confinement may well be portrayed through solitary nudes but it still captures the sentiment in body and soul.