as far as altering perceptions of art and fashion is concerned, i must remark on ernesto artillo‘s highly successful collages. it is common knowledge that any injection of fantasy is an imperative component of fashion editorials; here the illustrators and collagists have made a great contribution to the way fashion is presented. the beauty of these abstracted images lies in the fact that they are such an excellent vehicle for conveying the collections’s less overt themes and gives a glimpse into the philosophies of the designers. a great departure or even a evolution from the seriously styled and meticulously manicured photo shoots, they form the antithesis of aspirational perfection; with their cut up faces and incomplete-ness they set our imagination in motion and create memorable mind-scapes which trigger a multitude of possible connections and content. far from just being a reflection of the season’s latest, the works suggest an associative identity in it’s own right and although not exactly the style guide some might expect, it definitely supports greater individuality; a well known paradox in the business of fashion. this challenge to the conventional editorial style is commendable. besides being creative pieces in their own right, ernesto’s work for campaigns and catalogues like elle and harvey nichols have shown his talent for integrating them into the mainstream retail consciousness without sacrificing their impact.