i’ve always had a fondness for classic male nude studies but what really strikes a chord with me must be derek overfield‘s ability to animate the classic male form. with a cryptic hand he introduces movement and weight to his scantily drawn nudes. the general feel is close to the effortless athleticism of classic sculpture, presented at great speed… the way in which one’s eyes are led to pick up highlights and shadows and transform them into the familiar. all said these are probably not the most accomplished works, but what really interests me is the characterisation that comes across in his work. although it is bathed in historical imagery, there is something quite modern here… the portrayal of male beauty but also its underlying beastliness. the violent strokes are not only depicting grand movements but also echoes an anger within. the figurative abstraction is a composition of melancholic bodies in classic poses with a subtle penitent rage. this is the kind of guilty beauty that retains my interest; and the exploration of hidden sentiments within a flurry of line and movement.