obviously the recession has boosted the practical looks of the 50’s and the ever design conscious re-use, re- create vibe in furniture design has taken off in similar vain; inspirations from re-invented modernism to industrial nostalgia has made its appearance but i find, however that the artistic work of renĂ© drouet (1899-1993) has sadly been overlooked in this re-visiting trip. perhaps the gilded bling factor made it less humbling during a worldwide economic crisis or maybe the greater rococo statement made it look a bit poor… i can’t say. its unique place in the furniture design history probably lies somewhere in this ambiguity. the fact remains that the gentle and elegant proportions of these pieces deserve their iconic status as budget salon style chic. simple wrought iron is transformed into luxe-looking but not ostentatious designs. i feel a strange attraction to their calm but glamorous sophistication which they exude with an optimistic simplicity and find them a refreshing alternative to the other examples of re-worked mid-century designs.