as is usually the case… one thing led to another. i was listening to vivaldi performed by one of my favourite countertenors max emanuel cencic, when i happened upon one video put together by another baroque fanatic featuring some quite interesting images. these turned out to be a versace 1998/1999 campaign photographed by steven meisel. filled with pagan and archetypal references, the images capitalise on the more stylish elements of the couture house (which i forgot ever existed) and also on postures borrowed from the tradition of renaissance painting, all reduced to a certain contemporary simplicity. the shoot further testifies to meisel’s unerring judgement when it comes to creating provocative but lasting imagery with fashion. a feat that most may find hard to balance.

it was this confluence of music and medieval glamour that reminded me of the phenomena of juriji der klee who has succeeded in creating a duplicitous celebritism and gender defying persona. juriji’s particular brand of invincible vulnerability and daring harmony is highlighted by an angelic voice juxtaposed with intriguingly dark imagery; i also find the costumes chosen for the video a superb fit for such a vehicle of modern drama and ambiguity.