the boy in me remains a sucker for these retro-futuristic adventures. a global warming experiment goes awry and leaves the survivors of the resulting ice-age stranded on a perpetual motion train of 1001 carriages. the revolution (it’s french after all) that results from the inevitable disparity in classes between coaches is what makes up most of the rest of the story. what is of greater interest to me though, is the way movies like these get railroaded (mind the pun) by the mainstream media. this cross-cultural collusion of jacques lob and jean-marc rochette’s post-apocalyptic french graphic novel ‘le transperceneige’ with bong joon-ho’s south korean production in english, is a prime example of the migration of block buster cinematographic mainstream away from the hollywood producers’ monopoly, towards global collaborations which might see an end to the tired one-sided moralistic dribble. besides, the movie adaptation called ‘snowpiercer’ also stars my one of my favorites; tilda swinton and i can only hope the chill lives up to the chase.