since i was a little boy, my nose stuck in comics, i was always bothered by the biblical miracles. having a vivid imagination didn’t help either. so it was that my earliest memories of the good book and that of my superheroes mixed and mingled freely enough to envisage samson in spandex and christ in a cape. how else with the supernatural heroes of the battles of jericho and lot’s wife turning into a pillar of salt. needless to say, when i saw the work of collage artis darren houser it stirred some of these memories. religion is a faith based philosophy, superheroes are no less so. houser examines this correlation and produces compositions based on classical depictions but comprised of comic strip cut outs. splendid i say. the debate as to the origins of godliness and our mortal perceptions of it comes into the spotlight again. his reflection series is a perfect example of this search for definition.