due to all my years of work in hospitality design, i often find it difficult to simply have fun at certain hyped establishments; my analytical tendencies only subside after a few glasses of champagne or with the distraction of a handsome barman. miss kô is a case in point. here i believe that philippe stack has succeeded to blend his signature escapism and pop fantasy with epicurean aspirations and although the futuristic asian gist of the interior may be too fashion forward for some food snobs and wine shits, there is sufficient nostalgia injected into it to make it a visual delight for more than one generation. the problem with modern hospitality themes is generally that they need a makeover or adjustment as soon as the trend shifts and that is in most cases earlier rather than later. food trends tend to move slower but word of mouth travels the fastest. these are basic principles of the marketing of this business. miss kô combines all these factors and creates an oriental-street-style atmosphere from a distinctly western perspective; an exotic-twenty-third-century-opium-den goes kowloon-canteen. complete with clamoring kitchen and blaring screens, there is no lack of activity and the asian-de-pompougnac-ish-lounge music completes the hip factor. throughout the restaurant the starck-isms abound and i suppose adds to its celebrity but since the aesthetic is so layered they have gratefully lost some of their…um… starkness. the culinary side of this tale is catering for simple tastes, the combinations of traditional classics with asian ingredients is perhaps too much a nod to nineties fusion but suits the non-fussed retro atmosphere which is dominated by a gloss rather than a bling factor. i am confident that if the food can live up to its expectations, the establishment might outlive its novelty appeal; in my experience one can utilize many aspects of a project to market it, but in doing so one has to realize that each of them have to live up to it. strangely the success of many less decorated restaurants survive on their food alone which is probably how it should be. unique and innovative can play a large role in the attraction but the ultimate test lies in service and consistency. as i always say… promise less or deliver more.