as an interior designer i’ve spent many hours contemplating furnishings and always delighted in those designers who manage to exact new aesthetic insights into something as simple as seating. charlotte kingsnorth‘s thinking about furniture goes beyond a philosophical musing and actually incorporates one of the most important elements of furniture design… the understanding of humans. although her work ‘at one’ still remains my favorite because of it’s successful combination of the flesh and bone of sofa life and the imagined shared composition of the sofa and it’s occupant, i appreciate her range ‘hybreed’ for its neo-ergonomic of classic and vintage chairs. the ‘felt up’ chair’s simplicity is certainly an alluring work but lacks to me the refinement of the other ranges. certainly her latest sofa and ottoman design called ‘slashed’ shows a jump from simply altering perception to inventing it. this is a rare moment in design development and i believe it to be a major step in kingsnorth’s design evolution. like a bauhaus-undone it transforms the elementary cylinder and cube shapes into new derivatives of function. i find the pieces inspiring and although challenging for most interiors, they definitely have exceptional merit.