i had been introduced to the work of amira fritz through a fashion friend about four years ago and have been looking at her work ever since. naturally her forest photography with flowers remained with me but my real interest lies in her signature style of manipulating darkness… the dawn / duskness of her images is such a powerful reminder of awakening and retreat and is captured in a beautiful methaphor which reflects the transient nature of all things including fashion. it is this pensiveness that her work evokes that make it so powerful and the seeing-but-not-quite-seeing aspect of it intrigues me in such a quietly curious way. the romance she conveys in her work is transportive and beguiling… she casts her latest spell with a project called; into midlands - a possible journey from shanghai to paris. in it’s simple approach to geography, ethnicity and clothing it highlights the aspect of diversity and creates a peaceful and spiritually rich collection of images that reads like postcards from a forgotten journey through a foggy near-nocturnal landscape of possible places and people.