rachel perry welty‘s work may seem to only center around commentary about consumerism but unlike so many others’ that merely criticize the flagrant exploitation they so willingly suffer, rachel’s points to a more acute observation; namely that it is a choice. her choice to disguise herself in the saturated imagery created from everyday symbols of modern society, is guided by the documentation of the things around us as an overwhelming wave of disposability. her work endeavors to create a recording of exactly that which we discard; the throw-away society we live in and choose to live in is cleverly portrayed in her ‘lost in my life’ collection, assembly and exhibit of receipts, price tags, aluminium-foil, fruit stickers and twist ties. although some of it may be viewed ambiguously, her work runs deeper than a recycling ode to the house-wife; i firmly support her ethos of commemorating the mundane things that surround us and the sensitivity she brings to the consumerism debate… the memory of our choices.