the connect-the-dots style photo sequences of duane michals has enthralled me for years. My first encounter with it was with the cover of my mother’s copy of the police album ‘synchronicity’. go figure. since then i look on his vast collection of work over and over and it succeeds in captivating me time and again. i previously wrote about one of his works here but i felt it an insufficient hommage to the man who has had such an influence on the way i perceive things; it may be the existential component of it that i’m so drawn to, but on the other hand it could be the delicate artistic nuances that enthrall me so. whatever else can be said of his work is that it is in constant motion… the narrative or imagined chronology of events past, future or present are surreptitiously blended into a montage of images complete with subscripts denoting their philosophical origins. his clever exposures with their overlays or his alternative sequences stop short of completing the story, constantly leaving some quivering question mark on the work. it is this interrogation of our multi faceted human condition that i appreciate and compels me to return to his work again and again.