christian stroble’s edit for the japanese fashion magazine: commons and sense shows once again how strong the graphic african aesthetic is and also how well it works. featuring david agbodji and dominique hollington by julia noni, it has that inviting half-light that i love so much… i always find that it draws the eye to a closer inspection. far from being tribalist it has a urban contemporized feeling that is completely international and on cue with the emergence of a new-african-heritage-trend. instead of focussing on the exotic element alone, the images invite a maturity that doesn’t play into the curiosity factor but portrays a renewed modernity. i tire so easily of the euro-american styling that only succeeds in patronizingly widening the social chasm and confining aspirations. like so many times before africa inspires again… it is something that i find utterly refreshing and it’s catalytic effect is badly needed in a fashion world dominated by the western-eye.