south african artist wim botha‘s sculptural work has often been met by surprise, which could be derogative if it is not followed by the awarenesses it implies. the works that range from skillful manufacturing to seemingly indiscriminate collections of collected components, crosses over diverse mediums but however remain true to their content; the discussion of popular historical symbols of power and hierarchies of belief. his concentration on the theme of mortality is frightfully present in the way many works are suspended, amplifying their fragility in a state of deconstructed animation. the carving of bibles into sculptural faces ironically transforms the traditional content into another universally recognizable shape that suggests a physical presence. the prominent narrative element in the work almost certainly provokes an investigation of hereditary value systems and belief structures. this may be the artists reaction to his socio-political and religious environment, but i prefer to look at it as a reconditioning of the way in which we perceive iconic figures and their invariable connotations in our modern psyche. the subversion of beliefs and use of archetypical iconography to comment on our classically imposed ideas - a beautifully arranged metaphor of an alternative mythology.