as highlighted in my earlier article on benoit mandelbrot, the complexity of nature provides an infinite diversity of pattern. it is this diversity that slowly surfaces through a process of commonality that is derived from the similarities within. our human ability to rationalize abstraction and our aversion to randomness is creating points of attraction for our chaotic origins, creating changeable and quantifiable living algorithms within the greater composite function. the complexity of this is relative and our human uncertainty of identity propels the expression of these unique character algorithms to produce a refection of reminiscent sensibilities. building on the human similarities and variable expressions these reflections can be extrapolated to form a changing kaleidoscope of pattern and colour. the mechanisms of economics and the immediate parameters of physicality inhibits our colours from bleeding into one. knowledge not information becomes the key to our search of self. an almost spiritual element surfaces that makes us look to more than our common origins but rather to our infinite diversity. this almost simultaneous movement and repetition in the expression of individuality goes beyond synchronicity to produce a coherent body which form becomes a universally recognizable and identifiable pattern