confident logan neitzel creates fashion with a ominous feeling. this isn’t only the combinations of fabrics and textures, but the structure and design. this 20 something brings a refreshingly real element to his somber collections and inject them with a dark energy that is not quite dramatically-trendy-street-wear and not pretentiously-lacquered-fashion-high-brow either. inspired by a host of muses neitzel shows a meaningful reverence for retro-styling and overt daring. in a happy-is-happy world the subtle darkness of his creations is a welcome spark of reality.

another challenging production; a collaborative work from the artist roger ballen and ninja, super addictive beats and lyrics (even if a bit risque rap rave for most), this south african phenomena has proven that bad hair and filthy mockery can get as much attention as top style and glam punk. die antwoord is probably the most well known item to come from south africa since nelson mandela. their lyrics are nearly as inaudible in a mix of local languages but their rappy-electro-funk sound is unmistakable. focussed on shock-value and counter-culture exploration, they have branded themselves as zef and probably deserve the label and the following.