everything about armani‘s ad campaigns seems nostalgic of yesteryear, even the yesteryear stuff looked yesteryear. it seems a good tactic; how can you ever be out of fashion if you were really never in fashion. this enigmatic approach seemed to have worked well for giorgio, about $7 billion well. his acknowledgement of the power of cinema stood him in equal good stead when he designed for american gigolo starring richard gere and untoucables with kevin costner. nowadays opting for sports heroes like rafael nadal, christiano ronaldo or david beckham, here are the early men of the armani campaigns that swooned us all through the 80’s and laid siege to our purses. the armani fashion brand and it’s derivatives literally conquered millions; creating an armani-nation; exerting a lasting influence on how we perceive men’s fashion to this day; that is to say in sepia or black and white.