in modern society, bowing out to statistics, it is easy to forget that the online community still doesn’t comprise the majority of the 7 billion people on this planet. that might be changing but what i find significant is that the most recognizable logos throughout the world of today, are still the same as half a century ago. something else to keep in mind is their simplicity and the fact that we still seem to respond more strongly to the colour red; no surprise when you consider that regardless of our other differences, it remains the colour we all are on the inside.

as the consumer frenzy increased over the decades, other logos joined the famous-brand club, but as you can see their logo designs still have a lot in common. and common should be the sense we make from it. years of evolution from stone age cretans have done nothing for the human ability to recognize and remember complex images. text heavy logos are all the rage now that we have greater literacy perhaps, but the power of a strong recognizable image remains, even better if it’s red. whether it makes sense to the product or not. google exemplifies the neologism anti-brand association design; in the new marketing paradigm not everything needs to match up. apple and out.