although it seems that every designer has their own version of jeans; there are some scandinavians that are focusing on jeans in a way that is pure jean-ious!

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from utilitarian uniform to subversive rebel dress to indispensable fashion necessity to creative personal expression, few other single items of clothing can rival the importance of jeans in the history of costume and fashion.

robert gerber finds some opinions about jeans

henry geldzahler
the fronts or the backs?

azzedine alaïa
if they’re as tight as a girdle on one’s body, then they’re one of the sexiest garments.

herb ritts
i like doing pictures with jeans because they can bring out a personality in people…the more roughed-up and textured, the better.

Jeans aren’t a uniform; they’re the antihesis of a uniform. They can’t really be considered any one thing - except comfortable.

isabella rossellini
i never wear them. They’re too rigid.

sandra bernhard
they’re great if you want to have sex because all you have to do is unbutton them and pull them down. It’s really easy. I prefer sex with jeans around my ankles. When you’re done you can just pull them back up and leave. And then just go out to dinner.

francesco scavullo
it’s the best thing that happened in American fashion. They’re good wet, they’re good dry, they’re good wrinkled, they’re good nude, they’re good old.

franco moschino
…the pair I love the most is actually the result of a mistake made by the laundry. They gave me back a pair of jeans that wasn’t mine. They are not my size, unfortunately, but they are the perfect example of the way color and material can transform through being washed and worn…the twentieth century’s history of costume wouldn’t have any identity without jeans.

javier arroyuelo
i am always very wary of people who do not like dogs, and people who do not like blue jeans.

fran leibowitz
actually, I like them as raggy as possible. From a fairly young age my aspiration was to be a beatnik. So I thought that was part of it.

georgio armani
they are a classic item of clothing, which is the greatest appeal that clothes can have.

interview 05/91

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