don’t it always seem to go… you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’
- joni mitchell

as does everything i suppose.

the balmy evenings’ release from the winter chill and the buds and blossoms they bring, seem to me more exhilarating in advance than when they finally arrive in that spectacular moment, but only that moment… that moment that destroys the anticipation.

the faintest pink of the clouds on these evenings fill me with anxiety, the beautiful reminder of the uncertainty of tomorrow… if it comes. the link between anticipation and uncertainty is a tenuous one; bound to entice.

the cruelty of the event is it’s abrupt passing, something so longed for becomes only a punctuation of a desired outcome. an instant and then another year in the waiting. it’s a familiar process this suspense that we have become so fond of and what the industry mines so successfully.

what are these moments we yearn for if not a distraction from reality?

anticipation is about something that isn’t, something yet to be… supposedly. the chance that it may not is also anticipation. anticipation thus becomes something in itself, perhaps even something to be anticipated.