luxuries ease, but when trouble comes
people are plagued by the wealth they’ve accrued
the peacock’s tail is spectacular
but it weighs him down on the day he’s pursued
shmuel ha’nagid (993-1056 CE)

a monument to consumerism, offering the usual-usual. i decide to skip the rah-rah, force myself back onto the street and just keep walking; the energy of the relief to escape an anxious brand-driven-brawl. i walk as i seldom do in amsterdam, usually i cycle or take public transport.
how odd that after so many times down the same street you can still see something you’ve missed before. i blame it on perspective… you see different things at bus or tram height than on a bike and more different things on foot or from a boat. next time i’m taking a helicopter.

amazed to see how much the new eckhaus latta rtw fw17 collection resembles my vintage clothing shop finds.

a restaurant called nacarat opens on top of a retail temple; the menu reminds me of a humble family-run restaurant i frequent,
late one evening as i was tripping over my heels across the tram tracks, the owner abandoned his post to help me up, he complemented me on my pants… then killed it by saying he’s got a pair just like it;
i inherited them from my grandfather so either he’s some far-flung-family or just tried to make me feel better.

speaking of family; i never understood my mother’s attraction to camping, i mean in a tent; it seemed a poor option to me but she always explained it away with, ‘a change is as good as a holiday’. i suppose there is sense in it somewhere; one can tire of anything.

luxury is dead; long live luxury!