a dark alley after midnight, though much less threatening than i expected;

the houses were so close together, the sky became a narrow river flowing overhead, i was crossing those waters when his hands rippled across my ribcage; it was too dark to see, i only heard his breath in my neck; arching my back to feel the fullest part of him as we swam those rhythmic strokes.

on assignment for coverage of the new luxury residential developments along the river; the hotel was near the river, at about three in the afternoon there was a message from reception, they had sent a driver to fetch me. i had a lot of equipment to carry and it was hot. we met in the foyer.

i had no idea if we were flying, driving or sailing,
with squinted eyes i watched the buildings speed along the river. we were going so fast everything turned into a blurry brown line until we slowed down in an empty and deserted spot were one could actually see the horizon.

a beautiful mirage; all i wanted was to drink of the glowing water.

the next day i had to go to the site again, reception didn’t call, instead there was a knock on the door. i wasn’t ready yet but i let him in anyway.

afterwards he didn’t want to stay, he took me to the boat and left without disturbing the reeds. i drifted a bit, taking in the warm velvet air when i saw the ripples on the water.

the first one came to the surface, his body punctured all over with parts missing; then another, rising out of the water with a billowing tunic. i was surrounded but i wasn’t scared.

i didn’t feel anything but the heaving of the waves.
i moved slowly to the opposite side of the boat, they didn’t follow me; i looked at all the scars on my body, then just rolled over and fell into the deep.