i think if i were a child again i would simply love to live in the museum beelden aan zee; a secret buried under a dune in scheveningen next to the north sea.

so often creation is synonymous with shaping something from one’s own will or moulding something from nothing; my instinct allowed me to think the same of art,

picasso on creativity: ‘to know what you’re going to draw, you have to begin drawing.’ and on conviction: ‘when you have something to say, to express, any submission becomes unbearable in the long run.’

i’ve since realised that there is also a different creativity at work when one is able to take the flawed and broken and twist it into a new vision and appreciation.

not all of picasso has solidified his place in my heart as a revered person; his work has however given me a glimpse of true artistry.
true artists are generally like dictators of a different kind, as possessed and borderline megalomaniacal;
the politics of art must contain a great deal of decisiveness, art seldom negotiates;

in the art of politics however, these qualities are possibly seen as less appealing though i can’t help thinking of the first critique’s of picasso’s les demoiselles.

notes to consider: the perspectives that dictate our desires - a skewed view of perfection