sometimes i will play a little game with myself, a kind of hide and seek game; i call it ‘where were you?’ as crazy as it seems it often helps me to stay sane by simply asking myself where i was last year at this time…

the news of the earthquake italy; i remembered that i was thereabouts today a year ago, (meaning i missed it by much less than a hair’s breadth in geological terms).

the gardens at vila d’este in tivoli were part of my visit to a country villa outside rome:
la cucina sabina.

i watched the 1964 film by kenneth anger: ‘scorpio rising’ again today

astrologically we are in the midst of the first decan of the sign scorpio.

the amsterdam leather pride starts today.

kenneth anger’s borderline short films were nothing short of groundbreaking for their time, even now they often bear reference to the fact that history repeats itself and things aren’t just a dreamy coincidence.