initially this was just going to be about anti-marketing…
enters the outrage sparked by the outrage against the outrage. so this be our next chapter. the predicted separations of gay minorities have shown themselves and granted… who the fuck cares? don’t believe everything you read. but it seems marek+richard‘s one-liner-wear touched a nerve. it’s a thin line between differentiation and discrimination and the inferiorities within the gay community seems to prefer hanging on the latter. i realise that everyone wants to be loved for who they are, but i still can’t light up a cigarette at the bar; do i feel discriminated against, offended, insulted? should i break down every time i was called ‘daddy’ and apply another layer of concealer. can i change my age? do i feel discriminated against because of it, it happens, but shame, self hate and indignation ain’t gonna fix it tho. let’s just dial it back to reality…
the nonsense part is that with limited vocabulary ‘discrimination’ becomes the name of nearly everything that threatens our fragile egos even if often the issues that bring about our resentment stem from something other than the hateful pretty boy who didn’t like you. sure, you’re also special. please.
my attention span is way too limited to list all the preference-pariahs in gay circles, never mind all the ways in which they can be insensitive to your face.
so you’re into this or that and he’s into them and those? seriously, is this your first date? gay’s punishing each other about their sexual preference? get over it, gurl. as in other ares of life, freedom of choice is what you wanted, not?
we’ve all been there; totally hot for this cute guy and every line of his profile puts a continental distance between us. no, i’m not muscular, yes, my wrists flap at times, perhaps i did put on some weight… and no matter how hard i try, i’ll never get past eight inches.
some gurls get really depressed about this and hung up on it like a first-grader-movie-star-crush. i went through all of them; from buck rogers to bruce willis. such nonsense. this internalised self loathing is so contrary, no use blaming them others for not being like them. it’s time you take out that red pen and start writing what you want on the wall; no egomaniacal gym fanatics, no straight acting fakes, no beer (can you spell margarita?) or just; dick, fun & cuddle optional. whatever. each person has their own fantasy and they can’t be blamed for trying to get down with it. i’m sure you’re a wonderful person but frankly… i don’t.
you’re into what you’re into because of who and what you are. jesus, we all now have to be into each other? get a fucking life. personally i’m into hair… yes big boys with body hair and girl bodies with big wigs, go figure. it doesn’t matter as long as you’re doing what you are. the whole online hook-up smorgasbord is out there; good, bad, bitter and sad. there be liars, phoney’s and fakes. nothing new, i can just hear my high school teacher shouting ‘life skills’, but the worst un-compliment has to be desperate or loser. and of course there are those too.
i’ve been saved too many times from near-disaster-dates by someone speaking out their preferences and saving me the embarrassment; is that kink with a ‘c’ or a ‘k’ or a silent ‘h’? ‘you’re not my type’ can easily be an epiphany rather than a damnation. the hypocrisy (and i never thought i’d ever say this) becomes a bit hard to swallow…
so if you’ve got a preference for a certain skin colour it makes you a racist, if you have a preference for a body type, does that make you a physicist? get your asses sorted, go read a book.
it’ll be a very trying time when those who have fought so hard for recognition of their own choices of partner suddenly turn into whimpering wallflowers themselves. the struggle is real, but you are strong. Don’t be a fucking baby-cry-fag… let others choose as they must, you choose for yourself. so what if someone has a preference for black, white, yellow or unicorn? it’s sad that you’d feel marginalised by another person’s preferences… but that only means it’s time to grow your own. one person’s stereotyping is another’s bigotry. face up and keep up.
now dance…

It’s love…
It’s love…
Love… get busy
Everybody’s talkin all this stuff about me
Why don’t they just let me live
I don’t need permission
Make my own decisions
That’s my prerogative