it’s definitely all or nothing with kelly mark. she serves her work as straight-up-mostly-text-based-commentary containing simple ambiguities and paradoxes. as someone who used to think ‘only’ and ‘none’ were the first names of: ‘only the lonely’ and ‘none the wiser’, kelly’s work certainly rang a bell with my particular type of neuroses. besides her one-liner aphorisms, i am quite partial to her pieces entitled ‘the kiss’ perfectly echoing a familiar contemporary affection delineated by superficial connectivities of thechnology and her 12345 wallpaper which serves as a poignant reminder of the way we are bound by time and numbers. the work i most identify with must however be her ‘object carried’; an aluminium bar which was carried for a year by the artist and subsequently engraved. it becomes a powerful symbol of a something, an ir/relevant but mandatory attachment which becomes meaningful but eventually also celebrates the freedom of letting it go.