luxury is such an indulgent concept and just as relative these days, i therefore much prefer to speak of refinement. it is this refinement that separates the superficial from that which is truly worthwhile.
de grisogono definitely falls into the latter category with their penchant for perfectionism and craftsmanship while continuing to improve, innovate and produce outstandingly memorable pieces of contemporary jewellery. it is no surprise then that they chose david collins studio to create a suitable showcase for them in london’s mayfair. the studio’s legendary addiction to detail clearly matched well with that of fawaz gruosi, the force behind de grisogono; but whereas his jewellery proclaims it’s rightful place of individual opulence, david collins studio managed to give it an understated backdrop of similar quality and style. by cleverly styling some area’s of the shop as relaxed lounging or meeting spaces, the guest’s experience is made more intimate and important while the design approach succeeded in creating enough display space for the delicate jewels to own their rightful place centre stage. the juxtaposition of the comfortable bolder furnishings are sensitively underwritten by the superb attention to detail, down to the alcove lighting and joinery; where the real magic of it lies in the studio’s signature near invisibility.