although not one of this season’s block buster exhibitions (how to to compete with the popularity of van gogh), i was pleasantly surprised with the curation of the joan miró exhibition at the cobra museum of modern art aptly called miro and cobra - the joy of experiment. notwithstanding the great selection from miró’s oeuvre, the parallels drawn from his influence on the cobra artists is a touching and humble tribute to this catalan artist. personally i found the gesture of this acknowledgement beyond quaint. miró has fascinated me since childhood, everything shrouded in almost meaningless squiggles and single strokes, none of my art teachers ever said: why can’t you paint more like miró. but the real reason behind my attraction to this magical artist came after his death, when i realised the strange incidence of his birth date and that of his death; 1893-1983. coincidence? after a brief encounter with some of his sculptural work earlier this summer at the rijksmuseum in amsterdam, i was awakened to the mythical qualities of the artist and his experimental attitudes. the exhibition contained some well known works but then surprised with some lesser known material ranging from ceramics and assemblies to paper and poetry. the reconstruction of his studio and mallorca and some of his objets trouvés filled in a necessary context that i feel cannot be employed enough in exhibitions. seeing what the artist sees is after all a great part of understanding the work and sympathising with the artist’s character. the further contextualising of dispersing the cobra artist’s work in between those of miró made for a greater celebration of the artist’s influence. the last exhibition i visited that had this down pat was ‘picasso et les maîtres’ at the grand palais in 2008. at once the exhibit succeeds in not only highlighting the innovative approach of the artist but also relates his poetic spirit and playfulness which had such a great effect on the post-war generation of cobra artists like karel appel, asger jorn, constant nieuwenhuys and pierre alechinsky. bravo.