for the sheer it-ness of it all… brain & beast succeeds in combining a nineties nostalgia with a fashion forwardness that is simultaneously post millennial retro punk reworked in an old school fashion. the key term here is pop trend trash… franco moschino would have been proud of what these guys get up to in their catalan enclave. one has to appreciate the singleminded attitude driven design style that their kind of passion delivers. street smart but still haute enough to impress. it’s clear the team behind brain and beast not only delivers but also have fun in doing so. in a true catalonian manner their work plays between extremes; absurdity and sobriety meets in the most unexpected ways while the embellished slogans proclaim their rebelliousness. their last season saw an expansion of silhouette with more explosions of misfit shapes and colour. by keeping a finger on the pop-culture pulse they tap into a younger adventurous market but although i’m far from it, i still wouldn’t mind a few of their pieces for my summer wardrobe. this kind of fashion counter cultism explores our own way of expressing identity and deconstructs our traditional views of fashionability.