it may just be the proximity of my birthday and the prospect of growing older, but on a different level it may also be the need to connect with frailty and fatality. i’ve always been drawn to the north and being from africa and perpetual sunshine, i’ve always found the north… well north, where the compass points to, you know.
my first time on the stage receiving a prize was when i was 8 and the prize was a trophy and a book; the polar regions, filled with images of polar bears, whales, dog sleds all rolled into an extreme landscape. spitsbergen, iceland and norway were to me what elephants, lions and the african savanna were to others.
so apart from the fact that i’m such a bear lover, there’s also the celestial component, the sky, the midnight sun and the aurora borealis, the northern lights; all of which is extremely good for one’s spiritual hygiene and a healthy existential perspective. add to this the auspicious astro-event of the eclipse and what better way could there be to celebrate one’s birth but in svalbard,norway. the only place on land where this eclipse is visible in it’s totality and home to the northernmost settlement on earth. i guess that’s one way to feel on top of the world.