it was after reading a bbc report on the effects of dreams that my interest in arthur tress resurfaced. i’ve always had respect for artists that are able to show that which isn’t there and in this aspect tress is able to conjure up a stream of emotive response. although his work is multifaceted in theme and technique, he manages to capture the viewer with suggestive narratives and simple abstractions. his famous ‘dream collector’ series focuses on children’s nightmares while his male nudes move beyond homo-erotica to explore the epinonimous ‘male of the species’ both of which successfully stirring the unconscious within the viewer. this subtle connectivity is both powerful and intriguing but possibly even more illuminating to me is his talent with shadows. arthurs ability to create a curious tale and tangible presence from apparently random emptiness is the foundation of dreams; both the fantastical and the fearful.