i am often weary of using the word ‘progress’ since so much of what other’s deem it to be only constitutes backwardness to me; i also veer away from the word ‘improvement’ because of its condescending connotation.
so i generally use the term ‘development’ to describe a positive evolution in an artist’s work.
my appreciation for robert bartholot‘s talent is one such case. i’ve been following his work for some time and was very taken with his approach in a party poster series. recently i came across an exhibition of his work in berlin and needless to say i was thoroughly impressed. his brilliant series ‘la mort en rose’ is the balance between philosophical humour and the stylistic vision which is one of his art directorial strengths; a tongue-in-cheek look at life asa body of meat complete with liverwurst combed in makes this series meaningful and provocatively pleasant.