in my experience of the northern countries, i can easily imagine that the reverent appreciation of light may have originated with the scarcity of it. for saskia boelsums this is clearly nothing new and her work reflects the same, she is entirely comfortable in the half light; a technique which the dutch have excelled in for ages. boelsums’ work brings about a stylistic atmosphere that is curious, inquisitive and searching… forever searching. it is specifically this dimmed atmosphere that beckons the viewer to look closer. besides the careful lighting, her interpretive portrayals are pronounced through her repeated use of the same model over and over for her portraiture; her partner peter veen. this increases the viewer’s familiarity with the work and awakens the desire to investigate… my argument is once again rooted in the theory of collaborations and the power of relationships - the intimacy that one experiences and the immediacy which follows is a result of the connection between master and model; picasso knew this, rodin knew this, god knows, everybody knows this. there is a trust that is needed between artist and subject where creative action and expression are conversing thus the realness and approachability in her work could only be a result of this simplicity of light and honesty of character; and of course the fact that he allows her to do all those things to him.