cheating the seasons has always been a bit of a hit and mis for me, particularly since i’ve started commuting across the equator; a winter morning in the southern hemisphere transforms into a sultry summers evening in the mediterranean climates in a matter of hours. this can of course backfire just as easily with a project in paris during february. although there are still places in europe that have milder winters, they definitely don’t compare to the summers. i am certain that this could be the true origin of fresco. the frescoes we come to know are generally preserved in places of worship or palaces, but there are others that attempted to preserve the memory of another season through the depiction of idyllic scenery like those found in pompeii.
from an interior design point of view and in my experience with hospitality design specifically, a view of any kind generally lifts spirits and if there is none the fresco can come in very handy. here i’m not referring to the countless insular hotels that seem to adopt an approach that resembles the interior of a refrigerator. some of the more contemporary designs follow the dictum that a hotel should be a home away from home, others that it should be an escape. whatever the case, i still think it a fascinating idea to take the best season and make it last.