as in the case of claes oldenburg not all mockery is laughter. joep van lieshout has been an art event since before he started atelier van lieshout but besides challenging the definitions of art / design, his unique objects have illuminated both disciplines since the 80’s. while so much of his art is about investigating, i enjoy his allusions to intimacy through the use of the human figure the most. whether in a humorous, abstract, conceptual or expressionist context, van lieshout has succeeded in intensifying the connection with our functional objects of affection. even if subtlety is sometimes lost, his crude figurative representations are enough to highlight the familiar and include the viewer in the conversation. the juxtaposition of light and dark, shadow and serenity remains an experience rather than another dispassionate form; however in my school of thought, a beauty still remains in the experience of a memorable relationship - no matter whether it’s animal, mineral or vegetable.