visiting venice during the film festival and the architecture exhibition calls for drastic wardrobe adjustments. obviously some black tie type ensemble is required for evening events, but what is most important is to look good when you accidentally bump into some celeb crazed social media mob at the screening. the best for day wear is the mistaken-movie-star-look which combines a rather conservative ensemble but with casual retro styling and a touch of colour; keeping in mind that venice has a rich tradition of the theatrical. on that topic, a stay over destination for this event must be the palazzina g, which is short for palazzina grassi (the less assuming neighbour of the ubiquitous palazzo grassi next door); but the g is also short for other aspects of the hotel such as grand canal, glamorous and gourmet. surprisingly the philippe starck touch doesn’t disappoint and is rather refreshing as a modern alternative to the more faux historical style of hospitality in this floating fantasy city. regardless of where you decide to stay or what your agenda may be, the krug lounge and terrace in the palazzina g is surely worth a visit for a fashionable fix as long as you look the part.