the connections between seen and unseen seem to exist simultaneously in rein vollenga‘s portable sculptures; part jewelery, part accessory …part fashion, part art. vollenga manages a crossing over from between both the figurative and decorative to the classic and the futuristic. the important aspect to me is the interaction and personalisation of art. clearly the relationship with the wearer is implicit and it exists as an extension of the self, both a brilliant metaphor for an alternative perception of ourselves and an evolution in the way we experience the sculpture.
the thin thread of existence is animated through masks and in the case of vollenga’s creations it aims to become less of an expression and more part of the physical; we are at once aware of the part which is his work and the part that is not, but in combining both we realise the incompleteness of each.
through this process of moulding his material around human physicality vollenga is awakening not only a new sculptural aesthetic, but a new philosophy.