photographer luis carlos aguayo is no stranger to portraying masculinity in avant-fashion. his famous frida kahlo incarnations is a case in point. although his experimentations are generally saturated with a kind of tropical colour, his latest story ‘ain’t no angel’ touches on a juxtaposition of sobriety and subversiveness. a clear and vivid flashed out look lets the fashion take front stage while the strong silhouetted imagery enforces the contrast of light and dark. the plain sight approach works to the extent that it forms a subtext to some of the more challenging pieces and instead of the predictable sombre backgrounds that one would normally associate with the tom rebl style, here is a honest i-am-what-i-am-i-am-a-man studio sequence that focus on the pride associated with the brand’s individualistic identity. once again aguayo reaches for the unexpected and succeeds in delivering a bare intimacy that is rich with context.

Ain’t no angel’
Photographer Luis Carlos Aguayo
Model Enri Parckert
Makeup and Hair by Rodolfo
Styling by Gianluca di Sotto (NY)
Total Look TOM REBL
Studio El Loft (Milano)